Mother Mary: God-bearer

Tomorrow, we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. I love the Greek word, Theotokos, which translates to God-bearer. Her humility and her loving “fiat”  allowed her to bear the greatest gift in history, our Savior, Jesus Christ. My Angel Mom said that growing up in Hungary they had a saying that what you do on the FIRST of the year is important because it is related to what you will be doing the most in the New Year. For instance, if you went to church and enjoyed time with family, you would do these activities a lot throughout the year. She was overjoyed that we always spent January 1st with her.

“The solemnity of the Mother of God, which now coincides with the octave-day of Christmas and the beginning of the new year, was most likely assigned this day because of the influence of the Byzantine Church, which celebrates the synapsis of the most holy Theotokos on December 26. This is in accordance with the Eastern practice of honoring secondary persons on the day after the feast of the principal personage (in this case, the birth of Christ).” EWTN

“When we fail to receive the gift of Mary as Mother we can also miss the call of every Christian to bear Jesus for the world as she did. It is time to re-examine the deeper implications of the treasure that is found in the life example and message of the little Virgin of Nazareth. This wonderful title, Mary, the Mother of God, “Theotokos”, reveals a profound truth not only about Mary, but about each one of us. We are now invited into the very relationship that she had with her Son. We can become “God-bearers” and bring Him to all those whom we encounter in our few short days under the sun.”  Deacon Keith Fournier

“It is likewise a fitting occasion for renewed adoration of the newborn Prince of Peace, for listening once more to the glad tidings of the angels, and for imploring from God, through the Queen of Peace, the supreme gift of peace. For this reason . . . we have instituted (January 1) World Day of Peace, an observance that is gaining increasing support and is already bringing forth fruits of peace in the hearts of many” Pope Paul VI

Some ways to help us become closer to Mother Mary and thereby grow closer to Jesus are:
– Consecration to Mary: 33 Days to Morning Glory by Father Michael Gaitley or Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary by St. Louis de Montfort
– Chaplet of the 10 Virtues of Mary by St. Louis de Montfort- Sign of the Cross, Our Father, a Hail Mary for each virtue, Glory Be, and end with the Sign of the Cross. https://catholicexchange.com/imitate-our-ladys-ten-principal-virtues

Also, January 1st is often a time that we choose to exercise more or eat healthier, but let us not forget a spiritual goal. Jennifer Fulwiler, atheist convert to Catholic (Something Other Than Go) has made a Saint Generator. I did this last year and received a Saint I never heard of but one who has become very dear to me.

I invite you to join me in receiving a special Saint this year. I always say a prayer to the Holy Spirit before I click the button. 🙂  http://saintsnamegenerator.com

I would love to hear which Saint you received! If you care to share a spiritual goal, would love to hear about that too! 
A Most Holy, Healthy, and Happy New Year to you all! May 2021 be a year that we grow closer to the Lord through His beloved Mother and with the
intercession of His foster father, St. Joseph! More on him soon! My love and prayers are with you!

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